I'm a bi-national and bi-cultural cinematographer based in Los Angeles and Mexico City. Going back and forth between two countries gives me a unique perspective on art and culture and this always seems to find a way into my work as a cinematographer.

Here are some key points of inspiration that have guided my role as a cinematographer:


Ever curious, I'm a true camera nerd. You can always find me tinkering and testing the latest tools so that I may push the limits of my craft. I'm fully versed with specialized camera platforms; shooting Phantom (high speed), VR, Drone, Macro & Tabletop. I have experience working with big VFX teams where it is important to understand the complex layers needed to assemble the shots in post and have designed camera arrays that can travel around the globe for immersive installations. On the opposite side of the spectrum, I've had opportunities to use my collection of old lenses and knowledge of classic cinematographic techniques to achieve some optical effects that simply cannot be captured with any 'new' sort of technology. In a nutshell, I'm constantly finding new and innovative ways to chase photons in efforts to capture them in the most interesting and arresting ways.


Second, I love photography, film & great stories. Whether it's lighting a human face on stage or taking advantage of amazing natural light. Narrative or documentary. Dramatic or Comedy. I'm fascinated with figuring out how the combination of the camera, lens, light can help tell the greater story. 


I have been fortunate to combine my work with my love of adventure and travel. I've worked in over 20 countries with some amazing people. Its not always glamorous but we always have fun and I've racked up some good stories and handy travel tips along the way. I can confidently say that I am experienced in many of the challenges that come with shooting abroad and am ready to take on many more that will inevitably come along in the future.


Whether it is with my own camera team or working with directors and production, teamwork is essential. I am always looking forward to collaborating with new talents and teaming up with old colleagues. Collaboration is what makes this job so rewarding and I truly believe the best work comes out of working in an environment where we can all push and pull each others talents to the very limits.

Feel free to reach out and maybe even drink some Mescal. 

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Articles and BTS I have been Featured in:

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Countries worked in:

USA, Mexico, Canada, Chile, Puerto Rico, Easter Island, Argentina, Brazil, UK, France, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Italy, Turkey, SriLanka, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar  (Burma), China (mainland), New Zealand